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Tsunami Holographic Shrimp

Tsunami Holographic Shrimp


Quick, explosive strikes coming in waves—the Tsunami® Holographic Shrimp is just the thing to jump-start some crazy inshore action. This incredibly lifelike creature has the natural shape, legs, and antennae of real "food," all molded into an ultra-soft vinyl body with the toughness to withstand multiple toothy attacks. Its bright 3-D eyes provide an inviting target for hungry predators; in addition, the Tsunami Holographic Shrimp is infused with real shrimp scent, to encourage fish to hold on. Rigged and ready to fish; premium extra-sharp hook.

  • Incredibly lifelike
  • Natural shape, legs, and antennae
  • Ultra-soft vinyl body
  • Tough enough to withstand multiple attacks
  • Infused with real shrimp scent
  • Comes rigged and ready to fish
  • Premium extra-sharp hook


Model HS3-3, 3 per pack


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