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Eupro Fishing Rods

Eupro Fishing Rods


Free USA ship on all Eupro Fishing Rods


Priced from $89.95 to $119.95 depending, see below.


Eupro was established in Tampa, Florida by Lawrence Eu. The design of Eupro represents a series of ideas, rather than just words; they show episode, it is not epochs, in family history. "Fish Head Bone" designs were marked on all of our fishing products and it used as trademark for Eupro.

With IM8 one-piece blanks, high grade cork handles, and Fuji guides, thsee rods are perfect for the not only the serious weekend angler, but also the rigors of professional redfish tournament angling. Add to this beautifully finished blanks and a limited factory lifetime warranty and you have a top of the line fishing rod that is hard to beat for the money.


IM8 Diamond Pro Classic Rod
DPS700817, Spinning, 7'0, 08-17 lb
DPS701020, Spinning, 7'0, 10-20 lb

DPS760817, Spinning, 7'6, 8-17 lb < Perfect Redfish & Snook Rod
DPS761530, Spinning, 7'6, 15-30 lb
DPS800817, Spinning, 8'0, 8-17 lb
DPS801020, Spinning, 8'0, 10-20 lb


IM8 Diamond Pro Matte Black (same rod as above just matte black)

DNS700817, Spinning, 7'0, 08-17 lb
DNS701020, Spinning, 7'0, 10-20 lb

DNS760612, Spinning, 7'6, 6-12 lb < Perfect Trout Rod

DNS760817, Spinning, 7'6, 8-17 lb < Perfect Redfish and Snook Rod
DNS761020, Spinning, 7'6, 10-20 lb < Perfect Redfish and Snook Rod
DNS761530, Spinning, 7'6, 15-30 lb
DNS800817, Spinning, 8'0, 8-17 lb
DNS801020, Spinning, 8'0, 10-20 lb
DNS801530, Spinning, 8'0, 15-30 lb < Perfect Tarpon Rod

DNS802040, Spinning, 8'0, 20-40 lb<  Perfect Tarpon Rod

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