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12.0" Marine Flush Mount Speaker Ring for Subwoofers

12.0" Marine Flush Mount Speaker Ring for Subwoofers


Marine Flush Mount Speaker Ring for Subwoofers.


Fits most 12.0" subwoofer marine speakers on the market and sold as a single, 1 ring with every order.


Allow 10 to 17 days before delivery.


Marine speakers mounted with traditional methods extend into the useable area of the boat while also narrowing movement patterns within the boat. Additionally, speakers mounted traditionally are more exposed to the elements with speaker grill cracking a continuous problem. Our high quality flush mounting product eliminates this pultruding inconvenience with a high-end appealing finished look.


Extremely easy to install with our included step by step instructions.


These rings are the fourth generation design which has now been perfected and hand crafted. The front (part you see) is made from the highest quality marine acrylic while the rear (part you do not see) is made from thick starboard. 


These rings are proudly made in the USA. 

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